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An in depth look at Primo Aperitivo’s design

The design of our Primo Aperitivo bottles is something special. We wanted them to be memorable, sophisticated and a beautiful addition to your home. We caught up with Roman Bianco, the art director and head of design at Creative Affairs, to talk us through their design process of Primo Aperitivo. 

Where did the inspiration for the design of Primo originate from?

“We were inspired by the archetype of the Italian Aperitivo culture and what it represents.
La Dolce Vita in its purest essence, one of the most iconic aspects that Italian culture is widely renowned for. We had the aim to encapsulate this idea of l’Essenza Italiana into a sophisticated design that works as a medium to communicate this ‘attitude’ to Italian or non-Italian clientele, so everyone can experience it.”

Talk us through the design process and some of your decisions.

“We wanted to get away from the existing products already in the market. Primo was designed to give a whole new identity to the Aperitivo time, ‘The First’ or ‘The one’. So we decided to grant Primo with a unique blue colour, that represents Primo Blue or the ‘first’ blue.
We wanted to create an identity that communicated luxury, almost like a perfume.  To do that we used patterns and golden details. The bottle is certainly a unique design feature & manufacturing process that not many brands are using. It was a great decision.”

Tell us about the colours and what they stand for?

“The colours are Blue, Citrus (Red, Orange & Pink) and Gold. For us, the new vision of the aperitivo had to be made of this unique Blue. Aperitivo has always been related to red/orange but we wanted to approach the experience from a different perspective. This is why we decided to use a complementary colour: BLUE. As if it was a new skin that brings a whole new context to the aperitivo time.
Also, to each of the three cocktails we associated a “citrus colour”, inspired by the ingredients of each cocktail. Thus, we created a language in which both the Primo Blue and the “Citrus” identities could coexist.”

How long did it take you to design the bottles?

“The entire project was around 9 months. Good things require time and dedication. We wanted to get it just right. The personalisation of the bottle and the production techniques were very important. We were quite ambitious, but it is the way to create something genuine. Having the emblem embossed on the glass, the blue varnish and the golden serigraphy were essential.”

What does make the design and branding of Primo Aperitivo timeless yet modern?

“For us, good design is the ability to create something that lasts, and this is always our aim. Our focus was to create something that represented a lifestyle, a mindset. So, when people relate to the brand or its products, they feel like they want to be a part of it, like it belongs to them. As a way to define themselves. If so, they share it with others as part of their beliefs. If you can achieve this relationship successfully, then you have created something that will certainly last. We certainly hope this is something that Primo Aperitivo will achieve, but time will tell.”

Describe the design of Primo Aperitivo in 3 words.

“Smart, genuine & sophisticated”

Finally, share with us your ideal #PrimoMoment

“On a terrace by the sea, enjoying its breeze and calmly looking at the endless water horizon.”


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