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Primo Aperitivo The Premium Italian Experience

PRIMO Aperitivo is the premium offer of the Authentic Italian Aperitivo, restyling the traditions and creating a new elegant experience. Primo is all about heritage and modernity and is the perfect drink to share at home or while travelling.

We are constantly inspired by our Italian heritage and wanted to create drinks which let people experience their own authentic Italian Aperitivo Hour at their leisure. We have found that life’s best moment are often celebrated at home or on the road and PRIMO Aperitivo has been designed for a superior drinking experience, no matter when or where you are in the world. We are excited to kick off the launch of the range with Primo Negroni. It’s a simple yet sophisticated cocktail that provides an unrivalled at-home drinking experience we hope you’ll enjoy.

In PRIMO Aperitivo we find different yet complementary sides of the Italian character. Uniquely sophisticated, Primo is all about enjoying the moment in a refined, luxurious style. Primo Aperitivo reflects La Dolce Vita in its truest, best fashion.
In its roots truly Italian, Primo displays its cultural identity as an unique original while respecting heritage and traditions. Defined by its simplicity, Primo Aperitivo is essential, bare to its soul, and every single part of it are key to its strong and intensive character.

Every recipe of Primo is uniquely designed and created specifically for our range of cocktails. Each ingredient has been crafted and blended by our aperitivo experts to achieve the perfect and unique taste of PRIMO Americano, Negroni and Sbagliato.

At Primo we believe in high quality and authentic taste. For this reason we partnered with Casoni, one of the best distilleries in Europe, to produce our range of cocktails. We only use natural ingredients, avoiding colourants and additional flavourings. Every recipe is unique and each ingredient is combined to create the perfect balance, delivering the best products to our customers.


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