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Virtual Aperitivo hour thrives in the age of social distancing

It wasn’t very long ago when we set our phones aside to enjoy the company of our loved ones over a meal or drinks. We disconnected from all things virtual in order to connect and live in the moment. The past few months however has brought about an unprecedented shift, where we rely on our phones and computers to virtually spend time with our friends and family. Connecting with loved ones through our screens is the new norm in the age of social distancing and self-isolation. 

Although the recent events of the world have been incredibly difficult to wrap our heads around, we have found joy in raising a glass of Primo Negroni with our friends from around the world over Zoom, House Party and Facetime, each day, and embracing Aperitivo Hour that our Italian culture is best known for. 

Aperitivo Hour is similar to a happy hour, where we enjoy cicchetti and palate-opening drinks. The word ‘Aperitivo’ derives from the Italian verb ‘aperire’ – to open. In Italian culture, Aperitivo is not only an opportunity to open your appetite before an amazing dinner, but to pause and take in the moment with loved ones. It’s woven deeply into the culture of Italy as well as many other countries around the world. This pre-dinner ritual was the inspiration for Primo Aperitivo, our premium, ready-to-serve aperitivo range, so that no matter where one is in the world, they can enjoy a wonderful drinking experience. 

Now, more than ever, this special time between 6pm and 9pm, has become essential for digital gatherings, where we can pour something special, raise a glass and connect with friends and family. Easy drinks are key right now when we’re unable to hit the bar for a professionally made cocktail. 

Primo Negroni has been created by seasoned ex-bartenders and made with a bespoke blend of Italian gin, vermouth and bitters, for a complex drink that couldn’t be simpler for you to make at home. All you need to do is pour over ice into a rock glass and garnish with an orange wedge to enjoy, leaving plenty of time for you to log on to Zoom or House Party and spend time with your friends in style. 

Connecting is the cornerstone of the Aperitivo hour and even though we are unable to physically be together, we’re thankful for these virtual happy hours that add a bit of joy and levity to our days in the company of those we love.



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