Range of Primo Aperitivo cocktails: Sbagliato, Negroni, Americano

Selection of unique range of cocktails

We created Primo Aperitivo to help you to experience the perfect Aperitivo moment at home. Taking inspiration from our Italian heritage we have created a range of classic Italian cocktails, that restyle traditions and create a modern, yet elegant experience.

From the classic and most iconic cocktail, the Negroni, to its sparkling and glamorous versions, the Sbagliato and the Americano, Primo is the perfect cocktail to enjoy at your leisure in good company or in full relaxation after a long day at work. 

Simplicity and Quality are two characteristics of an Aperitivo that Primo cares about. We partnered with Casoni distillery in Modena, Italy. Their expertise in production of Italian spirits and liqueurs helped us create the best and most authentic range of Aperitivo cocktails:
Each recipe is uniquely crafted for Primo, using only natural ingredients to create the perfect balance and the best experience for our customers. 


Negroni, Americano and Sbagliato: traditional yet modern cocktails. 

 In Italy, the ritual of the Aperitivo dates back to hundreds of years ago and since then many great products have been created to make delicious Aperitivo cocktails. 

We have chosen the three most iconic Aperitivo cocktails and we have created the perfect recipe for you to enjoy: 

 The Americano, so simple and refreshing, with a special texture and striking mixture of flavours, was created in the 19th century using the only two available and most common “liqueurs” at time, vermouth and bitter.
There are many legends about this cocktail that was first called "Milano-Torino" and soon became “all’Americana” due its popularity with Americans where the addition of soda water aimed to please their sweeter palate.

The Negroni, considered the king of the Italian cocktails and the most sophisticated bitter-sweet taste that transports you straight to Italy, was created in 1919 at the Casoni Bar in Florence. One day, a regular customer of Casoni, Camillo Negroni, asked the bartender to strengthen his Americano cocktail. Fosco Scarselli decided to switch the soda water with gin. This combination became the Count’s usual order and soon became the favourite cocktail of all other guests who simply asked for a NEGRONI.

The Sbagliato is the trendiest aperitivo cocktail in Italy, especially in Milano where it was invented. In 1972 the bartender of Bar Basso by mistake added sparkling wine instead of gin to a Negroni. He realised that this mistake was tasty and made some sense making the Sbagliato one of the most iconic Aperitivo cocktails.
The name Sbagliato means “mistake”, hence the name of this drink. 

 At Primo, we decided to make the best version of these cocktails, including only natural and handcrafted ingredient to recreate these amazing cocktails using 100% renewable energy.