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Move over, Espresso Martini, the Coffee Negroni is a match made in heaven - Bitter, sweet and refreshing, all at once.

Roasting Plant Espresso is combined with a generous portion of Primo Aperitivo Negroni to create this fantastic twist on your Aperitivo Cocktail:

And it is just so easy to make:

1.Brew a just roasted espresso.

2.Fill some ice into a rock glass, measure 2 espresso cups of Primo Aperitivo Negroni (ca.100ml), then top it off with the freshly brewed Espresso to taste (we recommend around 30ml) and stir.

3.The result will blow you away - the smell of the freshly roasted coffee beans combine perfectly with the bitter sweet flavours of the Negroni and give you a sensory experience you will want to share with your friends.. because it's a Negroni... with Coffee in it!

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