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An Aperitivo Lover’s Gift Guide

The Negroni holds a special place in our hearts. One of the original aperitifs, it was first made in 1919 by bartender Fosco Scarselli in the Caffé Casoni bar in Florence when Count Camillo Negroni wanted a stronger version of the original aperitif, The Americano. Although the vibrant red colour may indicate sweetness, Negronis are anything but; strong, bitter notes get the taste buds ready for the meal to come. 

The definition of balance and simplicity, the Negroni returned to the mainstream back in 2015 and has since become a firm favourite with cocktail lovers, appearing on bar menus up and down the country. For the true Negroni lover in your life who wants to re-create a Caffé Casoni experience at home, we have a top gift guide: 

  1. The perfect Negroni can’t be served in just any glass – getting this part right is (almost) as important as what’s inside. Art Deco glassware has been making a resurgence in the UK as we celebrate 100 years since the trend began. Traditionally served in an Old Fashioned-style glass, we love the luxury look and added touch of elegance you get from these Agata Gold Tumbler Glasses.
  2. A Negroni should be made with equal parts gin, bitter and sweet vermouth, with an extra touch of orange essence, all served over ice. Don’t settle for ordinary, however, when you can add some theatre to your Negroni with one large ice sphere. What’s more, a sphere melts slower than traditional ice cubes – chilling your drink without too much dilution. 
  3. Every cocktail connoisseur’s home should be completed with an eye-catching bar set for whipping up a cocktail or two for friends and family, or for cosy nights in. For an extra special gift this striking black and gold bar set made in black marble with utensils in a soft bronze finish can be personalised with a hand-stamped message, name or initials. 
  4. Once you have beautiful barware, you need somewhere to put it on display. An art deco-inspired drinks trolley combines elegance with functionality. The Stirling Drinks Trolley provides the perfect place to keep your glasses, cocktail set and a bottle or two of Primo Aperitivo. 
  5. Every room should have a touch of art – and for a Negroni fan, a pretty print of their favourite cocktail will not only feel personal but add a splash of colour to any room. This Negroni wall print comes in a variety of sizes and perfectly depicts a classic cocktail and the ingredients needed to make their favourite tipple. 
  6. A pre-dinner cocktail is traditionally served with light snacks to help kick-start the appetite. Salty foods, such as cured meats, olives and bold cheeses, are the idea partner to a Negroni and this Artisan British Cheese and Charcuterie Box adds a touch of Britishness to the experience. Showcasing some of the best cheeses and charcuteries produced in the UK it is full with plenty of punchy flavours. 
  7. The Negroni is one of the most iconic cocktails in the world and in The Negroni: Drinking to La Dolce Vita, barman extraordinaire Gary Regan delves into the drink’s fun and fascinating history, looks at the modern techniques being explored today, as well as including sixty delightfully varied and uniformly tasty recipes. Perfect for any Negroni lover to get stuck in to. 
  8. We may be biased, but we don’t think any Negroni lover should be without a bottle of our Primo Aperitivo Negroni. We blend gin, bitter, sweet vermouth and orange essence to create a special ready-to-enjoy cocktail with a unique bittersweet taste for an intense and deep flavour. Truly unforgettable. 

Now, it’s time to give the Aperitivo lover in your life the perfect gift and enjoy a Negroni or two yourself. Salute! 


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