Ready for Negroni Week? Here are our favourite Negroni Week Hotspots!

Ready for Negroni Week? Here are our favourite Negroni Week Hotspots!

Negroni Week is back once again, and we’re so ready for it! From 12th to 18th September, bars throughout the world will be serving up their best Negroni creations. And as lovers of all things Negroni, we’ve put together a list of our favourite spots in London and Southampton that you should visit during Negroni Week to celebrate this momentous occasion.


Negroni Week Hotspots: Macellaio, Tozi, Sketch, Sycamore

First up we have London, where Negroni Week is always close to Londoner’s hearts. Here are our favourite places that you should visit during Negroni Week.

  • MacellaioSoho – Several Locations, including 39-45 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 6IA

When it comes to great Italian food, there are not many places that can compare to Macellaio. This ‘butchery with tables’ has been serving up amazing Italian meats expertly prepared since it first opened its doors. But it’s not just the food that makes this place so special. Their Negroni menu created by Samuele Melchiorri includes the Classic Italian Negroni with Seven Hills Gin, Bitter and Carpano Antica Formula and their Negroni Week Special called Wood. Made with Seven Hills Gin, a Lapsang-infused Bitter and Cocchi Vermouth, this Negroni perfectly prepares you for what probably is the best steak in town!



  • Tozi, Victoria, 8 Gillingham Street, London SW1V 1HJ

Located in the heart of Victoria, Tozi offers local residents and visitors alike a taste of authentic Italy. Inspired by Venetian dining, the ‘Cicchetti’ tradition perfectly complements the Aperitivo occasion. Trying Bar Manager Marco Bullegas’ ‘Wake Me Up Negroni’ is a must during Negroni Week. This Negroni contains a coffee infused Vermouth and orange bitters and is perfect for the last of the long summer nights ahead.


  • Sketch London, Mayfair, 9 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XG

One of London’s most iconic and well-known bars in Central London where you’ll find the the best of food, drink, art and music, all squished into the most exquisite modern interiors at Sketch in Mayfair. You’ll have to try their Quintessential Negroni, specially created for Negroni Week by Alena Cagnato.  Delicious!


  • Sycamore, Soho, 66 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5BX

Sycamore is a bar that has taken the world of cocktails and hospitality to a Five Star Level. Turning into one of London’s finest jazz clubs late at night, the bar serves up three of Giovanni Castorina’s special creations for Negroni Week: An Espresso Negroni prepared with a coffee-infused Campari and a Rosemary Negroni created with a Rosemary-infusion of Antica Formula. But if you want to stay timeless, just ask for their Classic Negroni with Seven Hills Gin!


Special Mention: Tavolino, 2 More London Riverside, SE1 2DB

This is a special place in our Negroni-loving hearts that has been serving up a Negroni Flight all year long!  Michele Giarusso’s passion for the Negroni has been firmly set on Tavolino’s brilliant menus that we always enjoy with the inimitable view onto Tower Bridge. We love that he has created three Negroni Week Cocktails, a Negroni Arancioni, using Seven Hills Gin, Sake, Vermouth, Campari and Orange Juice, the classic Italian Negroni this time with Martini Bitter Riserva and Martini Rubino and secretly our favourite, the Negroni Bianco, made with Seven Hills Gin, Martini Ambrato and Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto.


Rita's and Blue Jasmine

If you find yourself in the the beautiful city of Southampton, you should definitely check out these two spots!


  • Rita's, Southampton, 48-49 Oxford Street, Southampton, SO14 3DP

This stunning art deco cocktail bar joins the ranks of bars celebrating the world’s most sold cocktail. Diego Rodrigues serves the Classic Negroni in style using Seven Hills Gin, Campari and Cocchi Torino Vermouth. If you’re in the city, then this is the place to go.


  • Blue Jasmine, Southampton, Unit 3-4 Alexandra Wharf, Maritime Walk, Ocean Way, Southampton, SO14 3QS

If you are feeling bold and want to experience creative powers at work, try David Hecko’s Pineapple Weed Negroni. Specialised in imaginative Southeast Asian Cuisine, Blue Jasmine serves a Negroni inspired by its vibrant flavours on the food menu. A Rose’ Champagne and Carpano Bitter reduction is paired with Seven Hills Gin, Pineapple weed and Cocchi Dry Vermouth to offer you a true taste like nothing you’ve experienced before. And if you ‘re feeling a bit more traditional, they serve classic Negronis in their relaxing and calm atmosphere.


How to make Negroni Week last all year round


Negroni Week is a celebration of the world’s most sold and our most favourite cocktail. It’s a celebration of everything that is great about this perfect balance between bitter and sweet hitting your tastebuds with the depth added by the gin. But it’s also a chance to explore new places, try new Negroni variations, and learn more about bartenders and bars. And while this week is almost as good as Christmas, we have created Primo Aperitivo to let you experience the perfect Negroni cocktail without the fuss, without wastage, in a sustainable beautiful bottle and best of all, to share with your family and friends.


So, the next time you’re in a bar, ask the bartender for a Negroni. And if you want to play the bartender for your friends, just open a bottle of Primo Aperitivo.  Salute!